Who the heck is this dude?

I've worked at several shops over the past 20 years. Places like Deutsch, Chiat, Anderson & Lembke, Angotti Thomas Hedge, McCann, and Ogilvy. I've worked on countless accounts that have spanned all disciplines from interactive to TV, and everything in between. Some of the accounts have included: Cisco, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Castrol, Time Warner Cable, Caterpillar, BlackRock, and NASCAR. Over the years I've won several awards, highlights include a Gold Cannes, a Silver Pencil and 2 Gold London awards. My recent role as Creative Director at Ogilvy had me working with, and managing, several teams to help run various accounts and win various pitches.

I am a traditional designer, a digital designer, a conceptor, a problem solver, and a natural leader. My belief is that a single great idea should drive every project — a concept. Take that concept and use the various mediums available to exploit it. But in the end, you're only as good as your team, and the people around you.

I hail from Connecticut but I've lived in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, South Carolina and New York. Most of my life has been spent in New York working in advertising.

I received my BFA in advertising from F.I.T in New York.

Before my New York life I served in the US Army where I was honorably discharged at the rank of Specialist. I went in to earn money for college. It worked and I learned several useful skills as well.

It's not all serious, though. I believe in fun too. Who doesn't?

Things I'm into are:

Family (wife and two boys), motorcycles, long boarding, mountain biking, photography, movies, video games, cars, typography and all things sci-fi.

Various states of Todd.

Let's make this bio less boring. How about a self survey?

Dogs or cats?  Dogs.

Dog videos or Cat videos?  Cat videos. They're just funnier.

Predators or Aliens?  Aliens.

Best Tarantino movie? Pulp Fiction.

Fritos or Doritos?  Doritos.

Miracle Whip or Hellmann’s? Hellmann’s, hands down.

Short story or novels? Short stories.

Futurama or the Simpsons?  Futurama.

2nd Best Tarantino movie? Reservoir Dogs.

Video games or board games?  Both. Well, depends on the latest game release.

Tweet or not tweet?  Not tweet.

Old X-files or new X-files?  Old. 

3rd Best Tarantino movie? Django Unchained.

Beer or wine?  50% Beer.  5% wine, 45% bourbon.

Daily Facebook check-ins? Around 3.

Paper books or digital books? Paper. Unless i can't get it.

Instagram or Snapchat. Tie